Pre-Order Agreement

It is REALLY import that you read through the following text to ensure you fully understand the process:


1. Can I order other ‘in stock’ items when Pre-Ordering?

No, we’re afraid not. Your order can only contain a single pre-order item and must not include other normal ‘in-stock’ items i.e. the Bastion AW Collection items must be ordered on their own. The pre-orders won’t be dispatched until a much later date (see point 4) so we can’t hold onto other stock for such a long period of time.


2. When will I receive my order? (VERY important)

This is really is important and the simple answer is…sometime this year. Beyond that it wouldn’t be right for us to commit to exact dates.  The demand for these products is just mad, the suppliers are doing all they can to get them here as quickly as possible, but once they arrive into the country we have to check every last piece before re-packaging them all securely ready for dispatch to your homes.  It’s a huge process for us, we therefore need to make sure we’re both meeting your expectations as our loyal customers.  So, if you’d like to order, and we really hope you do, please do so in the knowledge everything will be safely with you at some point this year – let’s keep it loose for the benefit of all involved, but as with other bits we’ve mentioned above, we make no promises.

3. Part Payments

We now offer Part Payments on pre-orders & Coming Soon items, we require 50% paid at time of ordering and the remaining 50% will be required before shipment has left the supplier to us.  Part Payments allow you to still pay via a number of payment methods as before.

You will have an account to access paying the remaining balance any time, we will also send reminder emails when remaining 50% is required to be paid, this will be sent twice, if no reply or payment is received to us before the shipment leaves the suppliers will have their order cancelled and 20% will be deducted from your refund (50% payment upfront) for fees.

3. A quick recap

So Pre-Orders are officially open once more!  You can make as many Pre-Orders as you like, there’s no limit, but they must all be done separately and if you want to order some "in stock" items they’ll also need to be placed separately so we can send them straight away. Your Pre-Orders will be dispatched sometime this year and, despite hoping they turn up as quickly as possible (we will try our best), you promise not to chase us too much 😉