Black Storage Jars with White Heart

Cotswold Country Living Heart Jars

These super sleek 1L Black Storage Jars are the perfect solution to all your kitchen needs!

These gorgeous jars have an air tight seal using the sleek Bamboo Lid which makes them perfect for preserving your kitchen favourites.

I D E A L  F O R

Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Hot Chocolate, Flour, Pasta, Lentils, Rice and so much more!

P R O D U C T  D E T A I L S

Body: Glass

Lid: Bamboo

Seal: Silicon Rubber

Length: 15 cm
Weight: 0.42 kg
Diameter: 11 cm

If you would like to sterilise the jar with hot water, preheat the jar first with warm tap water. This prevents the glass from cracking.

** Hand wash only **



Designer: Cotswold Country Living

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